A regional “Info Day” with a  “Capacity Building Workshop” have been succesfully organized by the Green Fund, the Region of North Aegean and  DAFNI Network, from December 4 until 7, 2023, in a number of North Aegean islands, in the context of the european integrated LIFE project, LIFE-IP CEI-Greece, LIFE 18/IPE/GR000013 “Circular Economy Implementation in Greece”.

The “Info Day” took place in December 4, in the island of Mytilini, with a total of 40 participants, focusing on the presentation of the project LIFE-IP CEI-Greece and the overall understanding of the concept of circular economy, as well as  highlighting good practices in CE, suitable for implementation in the islands of the North Aegean. At the closure of the “Info Day” a memorandum was signed, regarding the close colaboration between local, regional and national bodies for the valorization of agro-food waste, based on circular economy principles in the region of North Aegean.

The capacity building workshop took place between 5 and 7 of December in the islands of Samos, Ikaria, Chios, Mytilini and Limnos, with the physical presence of the participants, as well as a digital connection between all the workshop local halls. A total of 146 participants attended these workshops,  that aimed to train the stakeholders that will be required to design and implement circular waste management solutions.


CE Info Day in the island of Mytilini

CE Info Day in the Region of North Aegean

Capacity Building Workshops on Circular Economy, in the Region of North Aegean

Circular Economy Board Game, in the Region of North Aegean

Digital connection of the North Aegean islands during the workshop.


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