F1 Overall project management and monitoring of project progress:

The successful implementation and completion of a project prerequisites a well-planned management and coordination activity. Action F1 incorporates all the necessary activities to ensure the smooth and effective management and coordination of the project, as well as the effective reporting of the project’s findings and progress to EC. It also, includes all the tasks needed for the compilation of the project’s indicators and the After-LIFE plan of the project. External financial audit is foreseen to be carried out at the end of each phase.

F2 Complementary funding monitoring and mobilisation:

This action includes all procedures and tools for the monitoring and assessment of those actions that are connected to complimentary funds. To achieve this goal, a monitoring mechanism, will be developed. Furthermore, within the implementation framework of action F2, further co-financing opportunities will be investigated.

Circular Economy Implementation in Greece
LIFE-IP CEI-Greece - LIFE18 IPE/GR/000013


The project is co-funded by:

Life Programme of the European Union

Green Fund