The municipality of Thessaloniki, a co-beneficiary of the project LIFE-IP CEI-Greece, organized a regional awareness raising event (Info Day),  with great success, on Friday 8 March  2024, at the international exhibition  “Forward Green Expo”, regarding the implementation of circular economy, in the context of action E1.7 of the european project  LIFE-IP CEI-Greece “Circular Economy Implementation in Greece”.

The event,  that attracted a large number of participants from interested parties and stakeholders, hosted greeting speeches from the General Secretary of Waste Management Coordination, Mr. Manolis Grafakos and the President of the Hellenic Recycling Agency, Mr. Vaggelis Karamintzios.

View here a press release from the Press Office of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, about the two important events the municipality organized, at this years’ Forward Green.

Info Day Programme (in Greek)

In the context of this year’s Forward Green Expo, the project LIFE-IP CEI-Greece has also been presented on March 7, from the project manager Ms Maria Plati, during an event organized by the Ministry of Environment & Energy, entitled Circular Economy Infrastructures in Northen Greece.

From the left, Mr. Papasotiriou, Mr. Androulakis, Mr. Dimarelos, Mr. Grafakos and Mr. Kyrkitsos.

Speaker: Mr. Manolis Grafakos, General Secretary of Waste Management Coordination.

The event hall.

Mr. Maria Plati, Project Manager LIFE-IP CEI-Greece, MEEN.