Ministry of Energy and Environment

Anastasia Arfanakou, Engineer, Head of Waste Management Directorate
Sofia Mani, Project Coordinator, Engineer, Head of Waste Management Department
Georgia Mantzava, Project Coordinator Assistant, Engineer, Waste Management Directorate Employee
Athina Maria Berouhi, Engineer, Waste Management Directorate Employee
Maria Plati, Project Manager
Katerina Koryzi, Scientific Expert, Chemical Engineer
Fay Nakou, Scientific Expert, Environmental Engineer
Nora Saous, Financial Manager
Diamantis Seitanidis, Communication and Dissemination Officer
Erofili Politopoulou, Project Secretariat
Artemis Gryllia, National Focal Point for Circular Economy
Triantafyllia Charitopoulou, Dr – National Focal Point for Circular Economy

Hellenic Recycling Agency

Roubini Marini, Dr – Deputy Director of Research, Waste Prevention and Communications
Antzouletta Benetatou, Environmentalist, Communications & Public Relations Dpt. Executive
Marina Papadaki, Chemical Engineer, Alternative Waste Management Department Executive
Eleni Kouroudi, Inspection and Audit Support Department Executive
Ioannis Kamaras, Dr – Engineer, Inspection and Audit Support Department Executive
Theodora Basta, Deputy Head of Administrative/Financial Services and Information Systems
Marina Maniati, External Associate, Financial Management
Maria Tsakona, External Associate, MSc Environmental Engineer

Green Fund

George ProtopapasGreen Funds Project Coordinator
Dimitris Homatidis, Environmental Engineer, Circular Economy & IT Expert
Zoi Gaitanarou, Mining & Metallurgy Engineer, Waste Management Expert
Kellie Koligiorga, Communication/International Relations Specialist, Dissemination Officer
Andromachi Katsiaounou, Financial Officer

Natural Environment & Climate Change Agency

Maria Kiousi, Project Coordinator, Architect Engineer
Romanos Araviadis, Civil Engineer
Athanasios Oikonomou, Rural and surveying Engineer
Aggelos Kalliontzis, Scientific Expert, Environmental Scientist
Dimitris Apostolakos, Scientific Expert, Economist

Municipality of Athens

Alexandra Togia, Environmental Economist
Charalabos Fotakis, Cleaning and Recycling Department Executive
Argyrios Raptis, Cleaning and Recycling Department Executive
Konstantinos Georgantas, Head of Alternative Waste Management Department
Konstantinos Tsimpliaris, Head of the Dpt. of Research and Planning, Administrative Support and Electronic Governance.

Municipality of Thessaloniki

Kosmas Minadis, Head of the Dpt. of Research – Unit for Recycling and Circular Economy Development
Vasilis Akylas, Mechanical Engineer
Konstantinos Staboulis, Research Studies and Cleaning Systems Design Department Executive

Municipality of Alonissos

Petros Vafinis, Mayor
Dimitrios Skianis, Vice Mayor for Economics
Christos Florous, Vice Mayor for the Environment
Michael Kalogiannis, Vice Mayor for Cleaning and Recycling
Νikolaos Anagnostou, Head of Financial Department
Nikolaos Argyriou, Environmental Physicist, Radiophysicist, External Associate

Municipality of Paros

Katerina Kakgani, Chemical Engineer
Ioannis Ragousis, Civil Engineer
Vassiliki Zabouni, Head of the Financial Department
Emmanuel Kavalis, Administrative and Financial Officer
Antonios Prekas, Administrative and Financial Officer

Municipality of Antiparos

Anastasios Faroupos, Mayor
Artemios Triantafyllos, Vice Mayor
Anna Palaiologou, Deputy Head of Administrative Services
Chrysoula Christopoulou, Treasurer

Municipality of Tinos

Tasos Vidalis, Head of Informatics and Planning Department
Nikolaos Armakolas, Deputy Head of Financial Department
Christina Kavoudi, Deputy Head of Technical Services for Construction and the Environment
Ioannis Sgouros, Electrical Engineer, Mayor’s Office Employee
Stylianos Kagiorgis, Deputy Head of Green and Waste Management Department
Aikaterini Apergi, Green and Waste Management Department Employee
Petros Markouizos, Head of Municipal Council

Municipality of Thira

Flora Anaplioti, Administrative & Financial Officer, Responsible for Co-financed projects
Ioannis Evdaimon, Municipal General Secretary
Ioannis Labrakis, Mechanical Engineer
Eleutherios Papadopoulos, Architect
Maria Koroniou, Administrative/Financial Officer, Deputy  Head of the Environmental Dpt.
Panos Voulellis, MSc Urban Planner, External Associate

Municipality of Vari, Voula, Vouliagmeni

Grigoris Konstantellos, Mayor
Theoharis Kyriakidis, General Secretary
Miltiadis Kavrakos, Head of Waste Management and Recycling Unit
Ioannis Kitsis, Waste Management and Recycling Unit Employee
Eugenia Alexopoulou, Waste Management and Recycling Unit Employee
Aggeliki Athanasopoulou, Scientific Associate in the Municipality of VVV

Municipality of Nafpaktia

Thanasis Petsinis, Department of Planning
Konstantinos Petrakos, Mayor Associate, Architect
Vassilis Mathioudakis, Head of Urban Planning Department
Emmy Papadoula, Communication Officer
Nikiphoros Makos, Head of Financial Department
Yannis Papaioannidis, Vice Mayor
Nikolaos Mallas, Financial Officer, External Associate
Theodoros Palliatsas, Executive of the Dpt. of Planning, Organization, Informatics and Transparency

Ecological Recycling Society

Philippos Kyrkitsos, President
Antigone Dalamaga, Director
Eugenia Skoufi, Environmentalist
Stathis Kostakopoulos, Environmentalist, MSc
Vasiliki Iatrou, Financial Manager
Stavros Karagiannis, Electronic Engineer
Zoi Moragli, Environmentalist
Christos Michalopoulos, Mechanical Engineer

Network of Sustainable Greek Islands - DAFNI

Kostas Komninos, Director
Spyros Niakas, Waste Management Expert
Despoina Bakogianni, Chemical Engineer
Aggeliki Konsta, Chemical Engineer

Terra Nova

Ioannis Spanos, Chemical Engineer, NTUA
Andreas Sotiropoulos, Environmentalist, MSc

Waste Management System of Western Macedonia, DIADYMA S.A.

Periklis Kafasis, Project Manager
Kontstantinos Tsioptsias, Project Manager
Grigoris Antonopoulos, Waste Management Expert
Maria Koura,  Financial Manager Expert
Katerina Giannakoula, Waste Management Expert – Project Coordinator

Harokopian University

Katia Lasaridi, Professor
Konstantinos Abeliotis, Professor, Vice Rector of Economics and Planning
Alexandra Tragaki, Professor
Adamantini Kyriakou, Associate Professor
Petros Katsafados, Associate Professor
Mary Giannakoulia, Professor
Christina Chroni, Scientific Associate
Konstantina Boikou, Scientific Associate
Evaggelia Sigala, Scientific Associate
Eustathios Fortatos, Scientific Associate

National Quality Infrastructure System – Hellenic Standardization Organization

Fragoulis Krokos, Director
Ioannis Saridakis, Chemical Engineer, Head of Standardization Sector
Nikolaos Spanos
Eugenia Gardeli
Dimitrios Iatrou
Efrosini Ntikou, Financial Management Officer
Evaggelia Alexandri
Eleni Kesanli
Ourania Mavrommati, Legal Support Officer

Central Market of Thessaloniki S.A.

Theodoros Papadopoulos, President
Katerina Demertzi, Legal Office Secretary
Sotirios Alexiou, Member of the project team
Maria Giannouli, Member of the project team

Circular Economy Implementation in Greece
LIFE-IP CEI-Greece - LIFE18 IPE/GR/000013


The project is co-funded by:

Life Programme of the European Union

Green Fund