E1 Public awareness, involvement and dissemination:

This action entails activities dedicated to raise public awareness regarding the concept of circular economy and the importance of integrated waste management schemes. The goals of action E1 will be achieved through the development of a dissemination plan and communication strategy, the conduction of public opinion research and focus groups, production of information/dissemination material (leaflets, Layman’s report), exploitation of all available communication channels (e.g. press releases, media campaign, website and social media accounts), and organisation of conferences and publicity events. The latter will include communication campaigns and workshops, customised to all consumers’ needs (from the young to the elderly people, from singles to single parents and families). The action, also includes the implementation of an innovative Recycling, Repair and Reuse (RRR) Experiential Park in Thessaloniki. The RRR Experiential Park will aim at actively involving children in the recycling process, in a scientifically correct but also simple and understandable way.

E2 EU-level and international dissemination and networking:

The main focus of this action is to fully utilize/exploit the project’s outputs, in order to promote the main achievements of the project and to create strong networking at EU and international level. The activities of action E2 will create interactions not only between the project’s consortium and the general public, but also within other third parties, such as policy makers and stakeholders in waste management sector beyond the borders of Greece. Special attention will be paid to combining the implementation actions with the production of the communication material and networking events. The material that will be produced within the implementation of action E2, as well as actions A2 and A3 (i.e. reports, publications, presentations, guidelines etc.), will also be made available to the dissemination and networking target groups through the implementation of the concrete actions C4, C6, and C7, in an effort to maximize outreach and transferability. All obligatory dissemination and networking activities will be carried out.

E3 Replication and Transfer Strategy and Implementation:

This action involves efforts and activities, to ensure the replication and transfer of the project’s strategy and results. A dedicated strategy will be developed so that all expected results of the project will be developed and delivered in such a way, that their replication and scalability potential will be maximized.

Circular Economy Implementation in Greece
LIFE-IP CEI-Greece - LIFE18 IPE/GR/000013


The project is co-funded by:

Life Programme of the European Union

Green Fund