In the context of  LIFE-IP CEI-Greece “Circular Economy Implementation in Greece”, a number of working meetings took place at the end of October in the island of Paros, coordinated by the Municipalities of Paros and Antiparos and DAFNI Network of Sustainable Islands,  where information was exchanged with local stakeholder representatives from the tourism sector, about waste management issues and the possibilites for implementing  Circular Economy, in the local tourism sector.

During the meetings the participants where informed about the forthcoming actions of LIFE-IP CEI-Greece with regard to the application of Circular Economy package (legal framework) in the islands of Paros and Antiparos (Action C2). In addition  the project team was informed from the participants, about specific problems in the tourism sector and their current practices with regard to local waste management. Finally, the local stakeholder representatives made a number of proposals about the implementation of Circular Economy in the islands of Paros/Antiparos.

These meetings continue from previous meetings that the project team have had,  with local groups and institutions, in order to implement actions based on Circular Economy principles in the Municipalities of Paros/Antiparos.

The Municipalities of Paros and Antiparos are co-beneficiaries of the european project LIFE-IP CEI-Greece, coordinated by the Ministry of Environment & Energy in collaboration with another 17 strategic partners.  In the context of LIFE-IP CEI-Greece, the two islands have been selected as two of the five pilot islands, that will become prime examples for the implementation of the National Waste Management Plan, the National Programme on Food Waste Prevention and the National Strategy of Circular Economy.