The Municipalities of Paros and Antiparos, in cooperation with DAFNI Network, the Hellenic Recycling Agency (HRA) and the Ministry of Environment & Energy (MEEN) organize a number of events in the context of action Ε1.8 of LIFE-IP CEI-Greece entitled “Local awareness raising events for LIFE-IP CEI-Greece demonstration actions”  and the “European Week for Waste Reduction” (19-27/11) which is coordinated by HRA at national level, with the topic “Circular and Sustainable Textiles”.

In November 25,  2022 at 19.00 a central information hybrid event will take place in the Town Hall of Paros, entitled “Circular Economy in the cycladic islands – the case of Paros and Antiparos”.

The event will be addressing the local community with the aim to inform them about waste management projects in the islands of Paros and Antiparos, new development opportunities rising from the Circular Economy, as well as the plan for the implementation of the CE package, that is prepared in the context of the european project LIFE-IP CEI-Greece “Circular Economy Implementation in Greece”.

The event will be greeted by the General Secretary of Waste Management Coordination, Mr Manolis Grafakos and the CEO of the Hellenic Recycling Agency, Mr. Nikos Chiotakis.

During the event the audience will also be informed about the annual  “European Week for Waste Reduction” (19-27 November 2022). In accordance with this year’s topic (Circular and Sustainable Textiles)  a number of actions will take place in the 6 local junior schools, including information sessions and creative workshops (making decorations etc. with textiles donated by the fashion designer Ms Olga Karaververi).

Central Event Programme