The social enterprise ΕΠΑΝΕΚΚΙΝΗΣΙΣ organizes the 1st independent Repair Cafe in Athens with the support of the project LIFE-IP CEI-Greece “Circular Economy Implementation in Greece”. The Repair Cafe will take place in the new premises of ΕΠΑΝΕΚΚΙΝΗΣΙΣ  (Fedriadon 45, Kypseli, Athens 11364), on Saturday 25 February 2023, 11:00-16:00.

The positive impact of a Repair Cafe:
A Repair Cafe encourages people to cooperate, to share knowledge and learn from each other. This helps people to meet their neighbours, to engage in group work and to build up relations of mutual trust. If you have useful skills, a Repair Cafe is also a place where you can use them to help others. 

In the Repair Cafe you will have the opportunity to bring old electrical/electronic equipment for repair, to donate old equipment and give what you do not need,  for the participating social activities. We will also have the opportunity to discuss how we can all contribute towards the ‘life’ extention of a functional machine, the reduction of electrical and electronic waste and the saving of resources/money.

For further informatiοn:
[email protected]
T. +30 2155004161