The Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency (NECCA) is an independent legal entity, operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MEEN), established in 2020 and being the successor of the National Center for Environment and Sustainable Development. The main objective of the Agency is to implement the policy set by the Ministry of Environment and Energy for the management of protected areas in Greece, the conservation of the biodiversity, the promotion and implementation of actions for the sustainable development and climate change.

The aim of the Agency is twofold. With regard to the management of protected areas the Agency aims to coordinate policy implementation for protected areas, undertaking the scientific and administrative support of the national system of protected areas, with particular aim, the unified treatment of the collection and documentation of environmental data and the permanent monitoring and implementation of management plans.

In order to promote sustainable development and tackle climate change NECCA: (a) collects, organizes and further treats information and data on the environment and climate change, and provides scientific oversight and guidance, as well as technical and operational support to the various data banks of the MEEN; (b) supports the MEEN for meeting the obligations of the Greek administration towards the European Environment Agency; (c) provides scientific and technical support to the MEEN and other Ministries for measures, plans, programs and actions required by national, European and international law; (d) supports the MEEN as well as other public bodies for the establishment, promotion and implementation of the country’s international cooperation in the fields of environment and sustainable development; (e) develops and suggests preventive measures of environmental and climate change policy; (f) undertakes the elaboration or execution of national or European programs and actions for the sustainable development and climate change; (g) organizes standard training programs on environmental issues, sustainable development and climate change. Among others, the NECCA should prepare an Annual Report on the State of the Environment in Greece, evaluating the objectives, orientation and measures of the national environmental policy.

Within the LIFE-IP the NECCA is mainly responsible for the development of indicators on circular economy at national level and for key economic sectors/value chains. The NECCA is also involved in the baseline assessment of the to-date implementation of the National Waste Management Plan of Greece. Indicators, data and assessments will be included in the biennial report issued by the Agency on the State of Environment in Greece. Furthermore, the NECCA will be involved in national and international dissemination and capacity building activities of the LIFE-IP CEI Greece.

Circular Economy Implementation in Greece
LIFE-IP CEI-Greece - LIFE18 IPE/GR/000013


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