The Municipality of Tinos produced 4,495 tons of MSW in 2012, and has signed a cooperation agreement with private and public companies for the municipality to collect each stream separately (paper, plastic, metal, glass) and to deliver it for sorting and batching to local facilities. The collected materials are processed, packaged and sent for sale to workshops where recyclable materials are used. The separation of PET and materials that are not part of the contract, such as oils, has already begun in these facilities. The existing cooperation is based on the Local Waste Management Plan for the Municipality of Tinos, which provides for the treatment of about 4,500 tons of MSW produced annually in Tinos.

The infrastructure of the Municipality at present is as follows:

  • 350 MSW bins
  • 200 blue bins with a tri-color cap (100 yellow and 100 red and 50 blue)
  • 105 three-color (yellow – red – orange) bins placed in 35 locations in the Panormos Community for the “ISWM-TINOS” Pilot Recycling Recycling and Composting Program
  • 33 bins exclusively for organic waste placed in the Panormos Community for the “ISWM-TINOS” Pilot Recycling Recycling and Composting Program
  • 151 bins exclusively for organic waste distributed among the citizens and businesses of the Panormos Community for the “ISWM-TINOS” Pilot Recycling Recycling and Composting Program
  • 1 vehicle (press type) for the collection of recyclable materials
  • 8 containers of 10 cubic meters waste capacity
  • 1 container transport truck
  • 1 vehicle (press type) for MSW
  • 2 Grain Collection and Transfer Vehicles
  • 1 small waste truck 0.4 cubic meter for the collection of mixed waste from points that can not be accessed by larger cars (collection through narrow streets within settlements).
  • 1 small vehicle for MSW collection and transfer

Waste batching unit including baler, wrapping machine, biological cleaning, forklift, washing machine, water tanks, metallic shelter, parcel storage facility located in Kosini area of the Local Community of Agapi.

From 2020 onwards

The municipality of Tinos set ambitious targets to be achieved by 2020, namely:

  • The creation of a separate collection by sorting at the source for the gradual application of four recycling streams (which has begun the first steps), a stream for composting and one for the other composites.
  • The final disposal of waste is the construction of a landfill site to serve the entire island

A general reduction of the volume to be landfilled to 30% of the total MSW

  • Integration of waste management infrastructure
  • Composting of the organic fraction of the waste

Given that funding will be granted for the submitted proposal of Tinos’ municipality on an advanced waste recycling and treatment – submitted on November, 2016 –, the facilities for waste treatment will be enhanced in the short term with a total investment of € 1,010,000.00.

While the projected projections for the year 2019 suggested an increase of only 1.5% compared to base year 2012 in the total volume of waste, a much higher increase has been observed within the last three years, due to the high tourist influx, mainly in May – August. Although no measurements have been made by the service responsible, it can be safe to assume that the volume of total waste is increasing by almost 100% over the year, whereas on an annual basis this percentage reaches 25%. At the same time, the initiative for the separate collection of the bio-waste stream resulting in composting facilities, should begin as soon as possible. It is therefore imperative to strengthen the efforts of stakeholders for integrated waste management with facilities and mobile equipment.

Circular Economy Implementation in Greece
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