The Municipality of Paros produced 10.357 tons of MSW in 2017, 10.452,210 tons in 2018 and 11.247,440 tons in 2019. Paros’s recyclables accounts for the 20,02% of the total MSW waste, as stated in the municipality’s LPWM and waste collection data. Since 2002, the municipality of Paros has adopted recycling practices and achieved a cooperation with private and public companies to further develop these actions. By the end of 2014, 470 blue bins (recyclables) have been introduced across the island, while a specialized service has also been established to manage efficiently the WEEE. In 2016, 994 MSW bins have been located across the island serving a total amount of 886.25 m3 translated in a capacity of 86.625 tons. As for the blue bins (recyclables) these were 510 in total. The existing fleet for waste collection consisted in 2016 of 19 old vehicles, with only one of these vehicles being dedicated to recyclables’ collection.

The existing waste management facilities in the municipality of Paros consist of: 1 recycling center, and 1 landfill. In order to manage the other waste streams, the municipality of Paros has signed cooperation agreements with public and private companies. The municipality of Paros has suggested in the LPWM as indicative future actions, underground waste containers in traditional settlements, while the separate collection for each waste stream is enhanced by the increased number of bins for each stream. Additionally, a “Green Spot” was proposed, improving the recycling rate and separate collection of waste streams, as well as the construction of compost Unit, the digital mapping of recycling spots and other mobile phone applications and other actions.

From 2020 onwards

Based on the municipality’s LPWM, the set target for MSW is 12,045.38 tons by 2020, while the estimated quantity of bio-waste will be of 3,722.02 tons, and the set target percentage of separate collection from this waste stream is of 40%.

According to the LPWM «…..The waste stream of recyclables will account for 7,034.51 tons in total by 2020, of which the 75% will be prepared for re-use and recycle, based on NPWM target for re-use and recycle specifically set for insular regions. As for the packaging waste stream, the set- target for re-use and recycle is 79% of a total of 2,401.44 tons for this particular stream by 2020….».

Until today, the Municipality of Paros has realized several actions to raise awareness on waste reduction and materials’ re-use, to promote home composting, and improving recycling rates by funded actions of € 4,130,431.

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