DIADYMA S.A. was founded in 1998 by the 61 “Capodistrian” Municipalities and Communities of Western Macedonia to serve the needs of Waste Management. Today after “Kallikratis law- administrative structure”  the shareholders are the 13 Municipalities of WM. DIADYMA’s major task is to design, implement and operate the Integrated Waste Management System (IWMS) of the Region (13 municipalities, 280.000 residents, 100.000 tons of Mixed Solid Waste per year). DIADYMA is the official waste management body of the Region (National Law 4071/2012).

Since the beginning of its operation, the company has been developing know-how in fields such as collection and transferring systems, recycling and mixed solid waste treatment & processing, landfills design & restoration, hazardous waste management etc. Priority was given to the areas of environmental engineering, waste management systems analysis & evaluation, environmental impacts minimization etc.

Within a few years, DIADYMA S.A. has grown into a competitive waste management company and has won awards and distinctions, both in Greece and in the EU. Cooperation with other technical companies and authorities in Greece and abroad improved the company’s experience and know-how, resulting into the undertaking of projects such as the initial design of the Integrated Waste Management System of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace, participation in a joint venture for the Management of Waste in Athens Olympics etc., as well as, various INTERREG and LIFE projects, ranging in themes from landfill redevelopment, recycling, industrial symbiosis and circular economy.

The supporting infrastructure for the Integrated Waste Management System of the region was co- financed by the Cohesion Fund, the Regional Operational Programme of WM and other financial instruments, with a budget of more than €50 m. Also, DIADYMA has completed and operates the 1st MSW PPP project which concerns the construction of the Waste Treatment Unit (MEA). MEA has been operating since June 2017 and it processes all the MSW produced in WMR.

Specifically as far as LIFE projects concerned, the company has implemented with success the project named WASTE-C-CONTROL which aimed at developing appropriate tools to enable Solid Waste Management Operators to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) resulting from their Solid Waste Management activities. DIADYMA also implemented the project named Material Match Making Platform (M3P) to promote circular economy and industrial symbiosis through the use of an electronic platform for the companies in the Region of Western Macedonia.

The company’s plans for the next period includes the conversion of the Integrated Waste Management Central facilities (IWMCF) into a Circular Economy Park, in order to achieve the objectives of the National Waste Management Plan.

Circular Economy Implementation in Greece
LIFE-IP CEI-Greece - LIFE18 IPE/GR/000013


The project is co-funded by:

Life Programme of the European Union

Green Fund