In collaboration with the Payment and Control Agency for Guidance and Guarantee Community Aid (OPEKEPE), the Waste Management Directorate of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MEEN) and Harokopion University are conducting a national survey in order to meet the country’s obligations regarding the collection of data for food waste, generated from the harvested plant-based production for human consumption.

The survey is targeting farmers/producers of plant-based products intended for human consumption or reasonably expected to be used for human consumption, through their direct distribution to the market or the food and beverage industries. The survey is anonymous with the sole purpose of supporting the needs of measuring food waste production at national level, and it is carried out electronically by entering the requested data, per crop, in a specially designed filling form.

An invitation to participate in this research,  has been sent to producers of plant-based products and Declaration Reception Centers (DOCs) through the OPEKEPE information system. The research will be open throughout the designated period for applying to the Financial Aid Programme 2023, so that the producers will have the opportunity to fulfill the questionnaire during their applications. Bearing in mind that to this date there is no national data on food waste from harvested plant-based production for human consumption, the participation of our country’s farmers/producers is of key importance for the successful outcome of the survey, that is carried out for the first time at national level.

The survey is implemented within the framework of the project LIFE-IP CEI-Greece “Circular Economy implementation in Greece” (LIFE IPE/GR/000013), a European project coordinated by the Ministry of Environment and Energy.