The 2nd Circular Economy Festival entitled “Thess Clean-Thess Green”, organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki,  a co-beneficiary of LIFE-IP CEI-Greece,  has been completed with great success, taking place from June 7 to 10,  in the context of the international exhibition  Forward Green Expo, in the city of Thessaloniki.

The mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr K. Zervas opened the circular economy festival on June 8 and Dr. F. Kyrkitsos, President of the Ecological Recycling Society (ERS) gave a greeting speech during the opening event, representing the project LIFE-IP CEI-Greece.

The Ecological Recycling Society also organized (on June 7,8 and 9) a creative circular economy workshop, in the festival, with a focus on reuse, entitled ” How to make a wallet and a bag from old materials”  and participated in the kiosk of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

On June 9, the president of ERS Dr. F. Kyrkitsos participated in the 1st Circular Economy Forum  entitled “Circular Economy at present and in the future” at Helexpo in the session: “Solid Waste as a Resource:  the road towards zero waste”.

The LIFE-IP CEI-Greece co-beneficiary “Central Market of Thessaloniki” also took part, with their own kiosk,  at Forward Green Expo,  between June 8 – 10.