Our associated beneficiary DIADYMA SA organized a succesfull hybrid event in the city of Kozani, on Wednesday 22 June 2022, in the context of LIFE-IP CEI-Greece. The event was entitled “The European project LIFE-IP CEI-Greece, Circular Economy Implementation in Greece, in the Region of Western Macedonia” and was part of the 30 year anniversary celebration events of the european funding programme LIFE (https://www.lifeis30.eu/).

The General Secretary for Waste Management Coordination Mr. Manolis Grafakos gave the opening greeting speech, followed by greetings from the President of DIADYMA SA, Mr. Panagiotis Plakentas, the Mayor of Kozani, Mr. Lazaros Maloutas, the Managing Director of the Hellenic Recycling Agency, Mr. Nikolaos Chiotakis and the representative of  LIFE National Contact Point for the Environment and Director of Green Fund Mr. Giorgos Protopapas.

The project overview was presented by Ms Maria Plati, Project Manager of LIFE-IP CEI-Greece for the Ministry of the Environment & Energy.

During the 2nd part of the event, there were presentations and discussion from stakeholders and institutional bodies (Terra Nova and Municipality of Athens) on issues regarding seperate collection and the management of special waste categories (such as Household Hazardous Waste – HHW).

DIADYMA SA having arleady undertaken a number of initiatives towards this direction, presented a plan for the implementation of integrated waste management of HHW in the whole country. Other presentations followed, with regard to alternative waste management systems, from institutions and market representatives (such as the Hellenic Recycling Association, AFIS SA & Appliances Recycling S.A.).

Event Photos