In the context of the integrated LIFE project CEI-Greece “Circular Economy Implementation in Greece”, DAFNI Network visited 5 pilot islands, members of the consortium, in the Aegean Sea: Alonissos, Antiparos, Thira, Paros and Tinos. During the visits, meetings with representatives of the municipalities were organized, discussing topics that relate to local waste management but also circular economy implementation issues on insular areas. Visits were also organized with key local economic “players” aiming at data collection, recording the current situation and highlighting existing good practices.

The conclusion drawn, as a result of the aforementioned visits to 5 pilot islands of LIFE-IP CEI-Greece, is that DAFNI Network in collaboration with the local municipal authorities and project beneficiaries, will develop fully integrated plans for the implementation of Circular Economy in insular areas.

One of the main targets of LIFE-IP CEI-Greece is to contribute towards the implementation of the National Waste Management Plan and the National Waste Prevention Plan through the adoption of a new development model for the islands that incorporates circular economy principles and strengthens the local value chains.