CircularGreece is expected to accelerate the implementation of:

  • the National Waste Management Plan (NWMP),
  • The National Strategic Plan for Waste Prevention (NSPWP),
  • and the National Plan on Circular Economy (NAPCE).

A great number of measures/actions foreseen in these regulations will be accomplished through the project. In this way, the implementation of an integrated approach of waste management will be enhanced through a combined and complementary set of methods, which uses resources in a sustainable manner, aims at the reduction of waste generation, safeguards and protects the environment and human health, and reinforces social and economic growth.

National Waste Management Plan
The project actions are related to the following measures/actions of the NWMP:

  1. Development of a guide for the management of agri-food waste
  2. Development of technical standards for the usage of secondary materials
  3. Implementation of a PAYT scheme in an urban municipality
  4. Development of a guide for the prevention of food waste
  5. Formation of a circular economy observatory
  6. Construction and operation of Enhanced Green Centers
  7. Implementation of a system for the management of household hazardous waste
  8. Use of economic instruments for waste management
– The directions set by the Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC and amended by the EU Directive 2018/851, as they have been integrated in the National legislation through the law 4819/2021.
– The Circular Economy Package (OJ L150/14.06.2018), as depicted in the National Action Plan on Circular Economy (NAPCE, 2018).
– The National Waste Management Plan (NWMP, 2020), and
– The National Strategic Plan for Waste Prevention (NSPWP, 2021).

National Strategic Plan for Waste Prevention
The project actions are related to the following measures/actions of the NSPWP:

  1. Development of sectoral prevention plans
  2. Promotion of voluntary agreements for waste production prevention
  3. Awareness campaigns addressed to either the wider public or selected consumer groups
  4. Promotion of repair-reuse centres (e.g. Green Centers)

The NSPWP, which supplements the NWMP regarding waste prevention initiatives, sets qualitative targets and proposes indicative indicators for monitoring the achievement of WPP goals. In case of food waste prevention, a dedicated topic in the CircularGreece, even though there are ongoing initiatives, there is still limited knowledge (data) on food waste production and prevention. Therefore, CircularGreece actions will set the ground for the calculation and monitoring of indicators, taking into account and the forthcoming delegated Decision establishing a common EU methodology to measure food waste. The operation of EGCs will increase potential for preparation for reuse, especially for EEE. It should be noted that a lot of efforts are ongoing for reuse through voluntary/community level actions (i.e. the case of food, clothing). CircularGreece will assist in recording these actions and collecting data so as to measure waste prevention.

National Action Plan on Circular Economy
The project actions are related to the following measures/actions of the NAPCE:

  1. Processing proposals for reducing food loss
  2. Clarification of the distinction between waste and products facilitating the transition to the use as secondary raw materials
  3. Indicators of Circular Economy
  4. Developing a methodology to measure and monitor food waste
  5. National standards for the environment and circular economy
  6. Creation of urban spaces as ‘creative re-use centres’ through the use of Green Points/KAEDISP [Centre for recycling, training and sorting at source], turning them into ‘Green Centres’
  7. Management, development of potential and reuse of waste products
  8. Special programmes for informing – raising awareness on food waste
  9. Establishment of an Observatory for the Circular Economy

Main Legal Framework

  • Framework Law for Waste (Law 4819/2021)
  • Collective Cabinet Decision on landfill (No 90439/1846/29-9-2021)
  • Collective Cabinet Decision on end-of-life vehicles, batteries and WEEE (No 4382/Β/22-9-2021)
  • Law for single use plastics (Law 4736/2020)

Other Relevant National Plans

  • National Action Plan on Green Procurement  (Collective Cabinet Decision 14900/2021)
  • National Plan on Energy and Climate (No 4/23.12.2019 Decision of the Government Council on Economic Policy)

Circular Economy Implementation in Greece
LIFE-IP CEI-Greece - LIFE18 IPE/GR/000013


The project is co-funded by:

Life Programme of the European Union

Green Fund